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How does CoachXO serve Football Coaches?

CoachXO.com has a number of valuable resources to help football coaches at ALL levels of the game!

Check out a few of our most popular resources below!


1) The CoachXO Show Football Coaching Podcast!

The CoachXO Show!Every week we interview coaches from all walks of life and every level of the game about football coaching.  We talk about the X’s and O’s, the Jimmies and Joes and EVERYTHING in between!  We also answer YOUR football Questions on the air!  You can leave your question by using the “Send Voicemail” tab to the right of your screen!  CoachXO will play the audio and answer it on The CoachXO Show!

You can listen to The CoachXO Show through your browser, or downloadit  to any device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Mp3, player, etc)!  You can listen to the show while driving to work, sitting at your child’s little league game or even while mowing your grass!  It’s like a portable football clinic that goes where you go!  Click this link to listen to the podcast right now!


2) The CoachXO Football Coaches’ Marketplace!

CoachXO MoneyThis is THE place to find football coaching resources online.  There are two great ways to use Market.CoachXO.com.

1st) Find Coaching Resources: Need a playbook?  Looking for some drills to take your team to the next level?  Game planning resources?  Find them all in the Coaches’ Marketplace!  Market.CoachXO.com is the best place online to find coaching resources written by REAL coaches from YOUR level of play!

2nd) Make Money:  You can submit your football playbooks, football drill videos, pdf’s, forms, PowerPoints and more and sell them in the Market!  Click Market.CoachXO.com/submit to learn more about how you can make money off of your football knowledge, experiences and original resources!


3)  FREE Football Coaching Articles, videos & more!

Football Coaching ArticlesCoachXO features multiple posts every week from the very best and brightest minds in the game today!  Each post on the CoachXO blog features articles, guest posts, awesome drill videos and cutting edge X’s and O’s information you can use to take your team to the next level!

Would you like to be a published author?  Do you have football knowledge you’d love to share with other coaches?  Now you can!

We take user submissions for blog content!  You can submit an article 0n the coachxo guest post page and your football coaching content may be featured at CoachXO.com!

Not only that, if your article is chosen to appear on CoachXO, we will pay you $15 for your content!  How cool is that! Get paid for talking football!

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4) Football Coaching Groups based on specific offenses and defenses!

GroupCoachXO has groups set up for dozens of different offenses and defenses!  So whether you run the 4-3, the 3-4, the Pistol, the Veer or the Double Wing…we have a group for you!

Groups are places for like-minded football coaches to come together with other coaches who run their schemes!  Discuss strategies, tactics and techniques of YOUR scheme with other football coaches who use the same X’s and O’s!

Click this link to check out our awesome selection of Football Coaching Groups right now!

Don’t see your group?  Head over to the contact page and make a request for us to set up a new one.


5) Discuss football 24 hours a day 7 days a week in our Football Coaching Forums!

Football ForumNeed a football question answered ASAP?  Have an off season training question?  Need ideas for a great fundraiser?

No prooblem!  Just head over to the CoachXO Forums and start a topic for discussion!

Start your own topics, share your knowledge with others and talk football any time you want!  Our forums are like a mini-football clinic where you can get the questions you need by real football coaches!

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