Youth Football Defense with J.J. Lawson – The CoachXO Show 011

On this episode of The CoachXO Show I interview Youth Football Coach J.J. Lawson – Author of The Art of the 33 Stack for Youth Football.

J.J. Lawson

J.J. Lawson – Author of “The Art of the 33 Stack for Youth Football”

J.J. Lawson is one of the best minds in Youth Football in the country.  A pioneer of the double wing offense for youth football and originator of the attacking youth 33 Stack defense, J.J. Lawson is a veteran coach who knows how to win youth football games!

J.J. is also one of the most active football coaches online and is a well respected member of a number of coaching communities such as: The dumcoach football forums,,, delphi double wing forums and many more.

Topics Covered in this episode of The CoachXO Show

  • Choosing the right defense for your youth football team
  • Why the 33 Stack is the most dominant defense available to youth football coaches today
  • Goal setting – how to choose the best measurable and achievable goals for your youth football team
  • Powerful resources available for free at
  • & Much More!


Special Offer to Listeners of The CoachXO Show!

Get a copy of J.J. Lawson’s “The Art of the 33 Stack” today!

33 Stack JJ LawsonDo you want a defense that dominates at the Youth Level?

Want a defense that is aggressive, fun to play in and even more fun to coach?

Coach, you NEED to check out The Art of the 33 Stack by J.J. Lawson!

  • Line Stunts
  • Linebacker Blitzes
  • Coverages
  • Drills
  • Coaching Points
  • & More!

To check out a copy of The Art of the 33 Stack  all you have to do is click the image of the playbook or click this link!





Do you have a question about the 33 stack defense?  Use the “send voicemail” tab on the right or leave you question in the comments below!


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  1. Profile photo of coachp says

    The Art of 33 Stack Attack is by far the best investment I made this offseason. It’s incredibly simple to teach so if you are

    1. A new coach charged with installing a D
    2. Someone that has never coached before
    3. Pressed for time and need a solution D


    The fact that 6 MPPs can be put in place (and be effective) in this concept makes for a great D. When you tell an MPP that he’s your starting MLB you’ll make his day.

    Thanks JJ

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  2. Profile photo of coachjj says

    Thanks Coach .. I hope you and everyone else who uses this system have the kind of success that we have when we use it … it is simple to use (don’t overthink it) … it is proven by hundreds of coaches over the last 5 or 6 years … it is NOT a magic bandaid that cures everything … but it will stop the vast majority of what youth coaches run into and it is easily adjusted when you run into something ‘funky’ …

    I am available to answer questions … usually a quick phone call can get you on the right track no matter what you are trying to work through …

    Text me to set up a time and we can get it done … nine, eight, five, 630, nine-six-eight-five

    I am on Central time and I answer the phone til about 10PM

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